Monday, May 2, 2011

Rutgers Day 2011: Lego my Rutgers-Newark

Who doesn't like Legos?

This past Saturday we participated in the annual Rutgers Day festivities with a tent on the College Avenue campus in New Brunswick. We shared a tent with Rutgers-Camden - who had some great giveaways and carnival games. Our theme was "Lego my Rutgers-Newark" and we invited the young and the young-at-heart to help us build a campus out of Legos.  We had great weather and a lot of happy visitors stop by throughout the day to help us. Here are some of the highlights

One of our first little architects takes some creative liberties with our campus design.
Collaborating on a more colorful version of our campus quad, complete with students & teachers

This young Rutgers fan recreated our soccer field
For more photos, check out the Rutgers-Day gallery on our Facebook page. For more on the other Rutgers Day events, check out the official website at