Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Beijing High School Visit

File this one under Jersey Roots, Global Reach - on Tuesday, Jan 25th, Rutgers-Newark hosted a group of middle and high school students from the Yuncol School in Beijing, China. Led by 2 current undergraduates, they toured the campus and learned about math and computer science.

The program was organized by the department of Math & Computer Science in the hopes of starting an exchange program with the school. Dr. Chengwen Wang and Program Director Sue Tel put the day together for the 12 students and 2 teachers that participated.

Below, students look through their welcome bags filled with Rutgers gear.

Students listen to the presentations.

Students toured the campus, led by freshman Jennifer Somai (front, in the black coat) and Serafina Smith, a junior in the Business School (in the gray coat and hoodie).

Many thanks to Lois Catala for taking and sending these photos!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Rutgers in the Snow

It's snowing again in New Jersey today. We're not supposed to get nearly the huge accumulation as we did a week ago - a mere 3-6 inches, they say - but it is sticking, so this morning I decided to take some photos walking through campus.

New Street Plaza and the Center for Law & Justice
The Rutgers-Newark arch on University Avenue

For a few more photos, check out our Facebook gallery.  If you've got great snow photos that you want to share, please send them to me.

It's still coming down, so stay safe out there whether you're driving, walking, or taking mass transit!