Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Campus Flowers and a Bicycle

Samer Fouad sent this photo of "Rutgers Newark from a flower's view." He writes "Beautiful, ain't it?" Yes, Samer, very pretty!For a very different perspective of the same red and white flowers, Amir Mahmoud sent this of his friends Maha El-Samna and Valerie Dorfman walking to class. It looks like they're enjoying themselves - who knew walking to class could be so fun?I had quite a lot of photos in my inbox last night, but my favorite by far was this one by Sidrah Seikh, who said "I took this in front of Conklin Hall. I just love the combination of all the shadows and colors that show how bright the day was and how colorful the campus is." I agree - and I love the bike in the foreground. (also notice the red and white flowers make an appearance in the background, see how I'm tying them all together here?)

For those of you who haven't seen your photos posted yet, I'm still going through them - there's at least 2 more I want to post in the next day or so.

Monday, September 22, 2008

'S' is for Soccer

Happy first day of autumn everyone! It seems fitting that this weekend, I received quite a few soccer-related photos. Here's a few of the womens' soccer team, sent to me by Suze Gabaud.

One of the entire team, showing their Rutgers pride:
Suze wants everyone to know that "we are not just a team but a family as well," and she sent me a few of the team having fun outside of soccer, like this one with the girls all dressed up:

And this more casual one:
And just in case the men feel left out, here's one of the men's team practicing on the field, sent to me by Jonathan Simbulan, who writes "Taken atop of the Rutgers parking deck 1, this picture shows the soccer team practicing on a beautiful, sun-filled day. The bright day also makes their white uniforms and green grass and trees stand out more."

I have a few more photos to go through today, so keep an eye out for another post soon.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Submitting Photos

Do you have a great photo or short (5 minutes or less!) video of a campus event, fabulous trip or some other fun learning or teaching experience that you want to share with others at Rutgers-Newark? I'm looking for:
  • Campus photos
  • Events on and off campus
  • Interesting or cultural trips or vacations
  • Community Service
  • General fun or interesting times with others in the Rutgers community
  • Great photos taken by you!
Send me e-mail at occ@andromeda.rutgers.edu or eluongo@andromeda.rutgers.edu - include your name, major and year of graduation (if you're a student) and a few sentences describing your photo or video.

Please use good judgement when sending photos and videos! Remember that this is a public site - everything posted here can be viewed by anyone with internet access (that includes your parents, current and future employers and the rest of the world). We reserve the right to NOT post material that's offensive, vulgar or inappropriate. If there are people in the photos other than yourself, please be sure to have permission from those people to post their photos online.

(updated Sept 2010)

Friday, September 12, 2008

Newark at Night

I sense a theme here. I recently got another nighttime photo of the campus and Newark, this time from Samuel Davenport, who is a 2010 J.D. candidate in the Law School. This was taken from the 12th floor (he didn't say from which building, but I'll take a guess that it's University Square). Very nice Sam!

Keep sending me photos, and tell all your friends to come on over too. By the way, photos of people are more than welcome (as long as you have permission from everyone in the photo) - just remember, this is a PUBLIC forum so don't send me anything you wouldn't want your mother (or professors or future employers) to see! I know you're all smart enough to know better, but well, just in case I figured I'd get that out there.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Our First Photos!

So it turns out that people DO read those mass emails after all (well, a few of you do, anyway). Submissions started rolling in late last night, and there were some good photos in the group.

Unfortunately, I can't show 20 photos from the same person - you know who you are! - but I've picked out a couple that everyone might enjoy.

The first two photos below are by Tyler Weisbarth, a Biology major from the Class of '09. Tyler also tells me he takes photos for the Observer, so you might have seen his work. Most of you should recognize the Golden Dome in this first one - I love the patterns:

This second one is out of season, but I had to post it because it's just really cool. This was taken on the New Street Plaza during an ice storm (last winter?):

Thomas Arndt, who's working towards an M.A. in Political Science '09, sent me this very painterly photo of the CLJ staircase/atrium:

And last but not least, Brian Biglin, a Law student from the class of '11, sent me this fantastic night shot of the field and Newark:

As well as this one of the sun setting:

Keep them coming... and keep an eye out on this blog because I might start thinking up some themes for you guys in the near future.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Call for submissions

Well, the first week of school is just about over, hopefully y'all survived and are ready for the real work to begin!

I'm very excited to announce this brand-new photoblog. I am hoping to showcase some great stuff from all of you that highlights Rutgers-Newark.


Got a great photo or video of Rutgers-Newark to share? Send your submission (no more than 2 minutes for video, please!) with up to a 25-word description, and we'll post our favorite entries on this blog.

Send your entries along with your name and (if applicable) school and year of graduation to occ@andromeda.rutgers.edu