Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Campus Flowers and a Bicycle

Samer Fouad sent this photo of "Rutgers Newark from a flower's view." He writes "Beautiful, ain't it?" Yes, Samer, very pretty!For a very different perspective of the same red and white flowers, Amir Mahmoud sent this of his friends Maha El-Samna and Valerie Dorfman walking to class. It looks like they're enjoying themselves - who knew walking to class could be so fun?I had quite a lot of photos in my inbox last night, but my favorite by far was this one by Sidrah Seikh, who said "I took this in front of Conklin Hall. I just love the combination of all the shadows and colors that show how bright the day was and how colorful the campus is." I agree - and I love the bike in the foreground. (also notice the red and white flowers make an appearance in the background, see how I'm tying them all together here?)

For those of you who haven't seen your photos posted yet, I'm still going through them - there's at least 2 more I want to post in the next day or so.


  1. great photos... I love the flowers and my dream is have a big garden like you show in this photos... nice work!!

    Sara E.Colins
    taebo training

  2. Hallo, Ich haben eben Eure Internetseite besucht und nutzen sogleich die Gelegenheit,euch auch einen Gruß aus Deutschland in Eurem Gästebuch zu hinterlassen. P.S. Kommt uns doch auch mal besuchen