Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Our First Photos!

So it turns out that people DO read those mass emails after all (well, a few of you do, anyway). Submissions started rolling in late last night, and there were some good photos in the group.

Unfortunately, I can't show 20 photos from the same person - you know who you are! - but I've picked out a couple that everyone might enjoy.

The first two photos below are by Tyler Weisbarth, a Biology major from the Class of '09. Tyler also tells me he takes photos for the Observer, so you might have seen his work. Most of you should recognize the Golden Dome in this first one - I love the patterns:

This second one is out of season, but I had to post it because it's just really cool. This was taken on the New Street Plaza during an ice storm (last winter?):

Thomas Arndt, who's working towards an M.A. in Political Science '09, sent me this very painterly photo of the CLJ staircase/atrium:

And last but not least, Brian Biglin, a Law student from the class of '11, sent me this fantastic night shot of the field and Newark:

As well as this one of the sun setting:

Keep them coming... and keep an eye out on this blog because I might start thinking up some themes for you guys in the near future.

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