Monday, October 27, 2008

Fall at Rutgers (and beyond)

I was going to post these last week but apparently Blogger was having issues and wouldn't let me. Jackeline Vasquez, who's contributed to this blog before, wins the prize for the best classic fall photo, complete with scarecrow and apples:

Gopi Patel from Computing Services sent me this photo of fellow techies at an Open House event. Don't they look like a friendly bunch?

This one was sent by Jennifer Scalf, and feels more like winter to me, but it's got a dark, moody quality I like - not sure where it was taken, but you can see the Prudential Building way in the background if you look carefully, and what looks like Newark light rail tracks in the foreground.

Some of you may have seen me wandering around campus with a photographer recently - I just saw some previews of the photos he took and let me tell you they turned out great. Stay tuned for a little photo-essay piece on downtown Newark soon. Also, if I promised you a photo of yourself please email me (and describe what you look like and where we took the photo), because otherwise you might never receive it.

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