Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Newark Goes Green with a Little Help From Its Friends

This Fall, Sal Palatucci from Physical Plant worked with staff, students and the NJ Tree Foundation to plant trees 51 trees in our Newark neighborhood.

Shannon Buckley from the NJ Tree Foundation recently sent Rutgers a thank you letter along with photos, saying "Each tree that we plant through the Newark Renaissance Trees Program helps to restore the tree canopy in Newark, enhance the environment, improve air quality, improve aesthetic beauty of a neighborhood, cool off the community by reducing the effects of the urban heat island, and improve the overall quality of life."

In April '08, Rutgers worked with the Tree Foundation for the first time, planting trees along University Ave. from the Newark Broad St. train station to campus. Shannon wrote that she was proud to see these trees thriving and said "through this partnership, we have planted these 77 trees, saving the City of Newark and Rutgers over $40,000, and gained the support of more than 80 volunteers, students, alumni, and neighbors." Some of the trees planted include plum, lilac, zelkova and maple.

Who says Earth Day only happens once a year?

For more information on the NJ Tree Foundation, visit their website at newjerseytreefoundation.org

Friday, November 21, 2008

Small Business Expo at the Robeson Center

Stephanie D. Burroughs of the Small Business Development Center sent me these photos from their annual expo. She writes:

"The entire second floor of Robeson Center was overflowing with the more than 400 participants at the NJSBDC 16th Annual Procurement Expo. Small business, state and federal government and major corporations were fully engaged.

"More than 300 small business owners attended the June 19, 2007 procurement expo held for the first time at Rutgers Newark. Co-sponsor Microsoft Inc. sent it's Microsoft Across America truck to train on its newest equipment and software for small business."

Thanks for the photos Stephanie! What is the Small Business Development Center, you ask? It's a non-profit organization that does a lot of great work with both start-ups and existing businesses (so if you're an aspiring entreprenour, you should definitely check them out) - they're right on campus and their website is http://www.rnsbdc.newark.rutgers.edu/

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Election Night at Stonsby

I think it's pretty safe to assume most of us were watching the election results last night. I know I was.

These photos are from Angie Bonilla, taken in Stonsby:

Everyone was still waiting for the final results there, I think... although if you look closely at the photo on the right you can see the person in the foreground has their hands raised in the air and someone else is clapping, so I might be wrong.

This next group was taken by Shigeo Iwamiya. Note the crowd outside in the bottom right photo... who would have thought campus would be hopping at that time of night?

It looks like I missed the big election party on campus (that's okay, because I made it home from class with plenty of time to pick up a really good pizza and watch the coverage on TV). I received these photos this morning, and even though they were taken on camera phones and are a little blurry you can tell the place was buzzing.

So, where were you last night? Anyone else take photos?