Monday, February 9, 2009

Winter Break in India

Last month I posted photos from one of our professors who went to Africa for winter break. But it's not just the professors who are well traveled at Rutgers-Newark. Here are some gorgeous photos from Ronak Patel of his trip to India.

From top left: 1. Great shot at sunset from sunset point atop Mount Abu; 2. The hardworking yet lazy Sleeping camel...something seen everywhere in India; 3. one of the 4 towers surrounding the Taj Mahal, placed at 110° angle pointed away from the palace so that if an earthquake were to occur they would fall away from the taj mahal - also known for assisting people with psychological and financial problems to jump to their deaths...from their choice of door. (what a choice!); 4. View of the ''9th wonder of the world''-The Taj Mahal; 5. National Kite Flying day - Jan. 13-16. Where the sky is filled with colors of the various kites flown; 6. Shot of day before national kite flying day known as ''Utryan''...people everywhere selling kites on sidewalks and stores

From top left: 1. Indian style construction; 2. Cows are EVERYWHERE, which is something you actually miss seeing once you come back to the states; 3. closeup view of Jaipur from top of fort; 4 . line of camels along the highway; 5. Awa Mahel (Air Castle)..only building known at least in India which was built with no foundation at all. The building is supported by the two on its side and is not standing on its own.

You can view more of Ronak's photos of India on Facebook: Album 1 and Album 2

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  1. India looks like an ammazing place. The pic of the Taj Mahal is beautiful