Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A Little Green in Winter

Ever wonder what's in those greenhouses on campus? You've probably walked by them dozens (or if you've been here a while like me, even hundreds) of times, and never been inside.

Germaine Benemile, RBS '09, sent these photos from inside the greenhouse, where plants are flourishing even as the rest of Newark is still covered in snow. (photo on the left is a view from above)

Germaine wrote: Most of these were taken during my General Horticulture lab, which is an undergraduate class in the Biology department. I just thought it might be interesting because most people walk right by the greenhouses (next to Boyden) but never get to see inside!

Below, the class learns how to create roots on the stem:
Some beautiful orchids (I used to have one of these at home, they're gorgeous, but flowers have a tendency to die around me and after a while mine stopped flowering)
Germaine wrote that You feel you're in a jungle when you're in here. The bottom photo really does look very jungle-like. It must be a welcome change from the freezing temperatures outside!

You can go to the entire set on flickr to see more.

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