Friday, June 26, 2009

Staff vs. Students

My office is right next to the athletic field, and yesterday as I was leaving work the annual staff vs. students softball game was just starting. I couldn't stay for very long, but below are some photos I snapped before I had to leave.

While I was there the students were pummeling the staff (sorry guys!) But there was still plenty of time for the staff to catch up after I'd left.

Unfortunately for the staff, I heard afterwards that even though they put up a good fight and managed to close the gap, in the end they still lost (I was told it was only by 1 point though!)

Congrats to the student team! At least everyone got to enjoy the bright sunshine for a few hours! It was a welcome break from this dreary rain we've been having all June.


  1. I will add some more pics soon. The weather was great and we all had a good time.

    Thanks for posting Nora!

  2. I remember those days when our class president scored a homerun! It was really a nice memory of us beating the heck off the faculty team ^_^

    LeahG of Pet Meds