Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Global History of Soccer

If you've been reading the blog, you'll know that this summer a class on the Global History of Soccer is being offered for the first time at Rutgers Newark. (And what great timing! Students get to watch the World Cup while studying about it)

This class was featured yesterday on the front page of the MLS (Major League Soccer) website. Check out the article: Class is in for soccer-centric students at Rutgers-Newark

In the article the professor and creator of the class, Dr. Thomas McCabe is quoted as saying, “I get to teach the class I was never able to take.” and that  “Going to the Scots-American Club and discussing religion and the Old Firm and getting to hear someone who grew up in Glasgow address the class on how the religious divide gets played out in Celtic Park or Ibrox or Kearny, N.J. ... It’s a real scratch-and-sniff history that you wouldn’t get sitting in an ordinary class.”

In case you missed the great video Rutgers Today created a couple of weeks ago, take a look at my previous post - Learning from the World Cup

On an unrelated note, just because it's summer doesn't mean I'm not still looking for great photos/videos. You may have noticed we recently rebranded the blog as "Rutgers-Newark on - and off - the plaza", so let the world know what Rutgers is up to for summer vacation!

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