Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Ja Kunst!

Last week the graphic design students celebrated the end of the semester with an art show and party at the Jajo Gallery. The best pieces from each design class were selected by a faculty jury and displayed for the night. I stopped by for a bit and saw amazing posters, illustration, and other work.

David Mizak, a Visual Arts student, sent me these photos. (Actually, I accosted him with my card when I saw him wandering around with a camera, but he was nice enough to oblige.)

At right, faculty and student teams line up in anticipation of the night's events.

Below, professors Manny Cacciatore, Ned Drew, and Nick Kline arrange the student artwork along the display wall.

The students and faculty teams came complete with team 'uniforms' like team Jar, in the purple underpants, and team Sand, ready for a swim in the kiddie pool (both pictured below).

You didn't expect designers to just show up in a boring t-shirt, did you?

Events included a mini-golf competition set up on a homemade course throughout the gallery space. Both students and faculty joined in on the fun.

The Jajo Gallery is on Orange St. in Newark and is run by two lovely ladies, at least one of whom is a Rutgers-Newark graduate. For more information on their shows and goings-on, visit their blog at www.jajoart.blogspot.com.

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