Wednesday, May 20, 2009

MFA Graduation

Graduation festivities have been underway all this week at Rutgers.

Yesterday afternoon was the Graduate School and School of Public Affairs & Administration ceremony. This year, 17 students from the inaugural MFA class graduated as part of that group. Fittingly enough, the speaker was director of the program, Jayne Anne Phillips, who's been touring in support of her highly acclaimed novel Lark & Termite all semester. One of the grads in the fiction concentration, Paul Vidich, sent me some great candid shots of our classmates. (I took some of the podium shots).

Remember these faces, you never know who's going to become the next Pulitzer Prize winner.

Congratulations all of you!! The program is going to miss you next year... 

Tomorrow afternoon is our big undergraduate ceremony at NJPAC, watch for me wandering around with our official photographer. And if you took/plan to take any great photos or video, be sure to send them over!

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